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Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars 3D

Rich environments and diverse abilities fuel the accessible tactical depth that makes Shadow Wars a winner.

Super Mokey Ball 3D

After numerous iterations of the Super Monkey Ball formula, which got its start on the GameCube almost 10 years ago, AiAi and crew have had a bumpy ride. While none of their adventures since their console debut have quite stacked up to the original, Super Monkey Ball 3D is the closet this series has gotten to recapturing its former glory.

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

This familiar Lego-themed adventure has flashy 3D effects, but predictable gameplay and a lack of challenge keep it from flying high.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

After a nightmare involving a certain young princess and the evil thief Ganondorf, series hero Link wakes up in his home village tucked away behind the mysterious Lost Woods. The only Kokiri without a fairy, Link soon meets up with his new traveling companion, the winged Navi, and sets out on the adventure of his life.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Breaking out one of the favorite modes in Capcom's horror survival series into its own intense game experience, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D delivers relentless action set in the Resident Evil universe with players competing against the clock to defeat as many enemies as possible in a set time.

Kid Icarus Uprising Box ArtOne of the most longed-for franchises from Nintendo's long history makes its glorious return in spectacular 3-D. Kid Icarus is back in a game designed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS system by Kirby and Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai and his development team at Project Sora.
Kid Icarus: Uprising is a fast-paced and action-packed blend of aerial and ground-based shooting built on elegantly intuitive and streamlined play control. It boasts game play that is easy to pick up but incredibly deep, designed to satisfy novice gamers as well as fans who have been clamoring for a new installment in the franchise.

Release Date: TBA 2011
Exclusively on: Nintendo 3DS

Genre: Action
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Sora

We've only seen two levels from the upcoming Kid Icarus Uprising, and that was all the way back in January. The demo we saw had two parts. Each level started off as a flying game, where you control Pit with the Circle Pad and aim with the touch screen. You shoot down all the evil monsters and demons in sight as you fly over oceans, through canyons, and around cities. It's one of the best looking 3DS games we've seen so far.

There are also ground combat levels where Pit fights huge scary bosses. The controls are largely the same, giving the game an odd shooter feel even when you're in combat. 
Plotwise we've seen Medusa, the game's main antagonist (and final boss from the original Kid Icarus). She's back, and she's pissed.
What We Expect at E3

Kid Icarus will definitely be shown at the Nintendo press conference, but we think it's going to take a very back seat among all the Project Café announcements.

Nintendo's demos for handhelds have generally been pretty light, so we're likely looking at two levels again, and it's possible one of them will just be an updated version of one we played. As one of the 3DS graphic powerhouse games, we're excited to see how it looks now, months later.

Nintendo has yet to confirm if Kid Icarus Uprising will feature multiplayer. Expect news on that, and if yes, likely a multiplayer level for us to play. 

When the rom will be available for download we will be the first one to post it here
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